When metal sheets overlap, it requires effective sealing of the seam to prevent either elements getting in or the internal environment escaping.
Jehbco’s Silicone Products offer a tubular design to allow gap expansion & contraction, can replace the requirement for liquid sealant, offer a long-service life of 30+ years with custom options available for given applications.

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Jehbco Silicone Strips

Jehbsil 1987Low Tolerance

Jehbco Silicone Tubing

Jehbsil EX 1907High Rebound Resilience
UV & Weathering Resistant

Jehbco D-Shape

Jehbsil EX 1907High-Tear Properties
High Rebound Resilience
UV & Weathering Resistant

Jehbco Sheet

Jehbsil EX 1907Easy Installation
UV & Weathering Resistant