Why 100% Pure Silicone?


Jehbco Silicones products are inorganic synthetic elastomers made from a %100 pure crosslinked silicone polymer which offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical resistance that other elastomers cannot match.

100% pure silicon sealants have non-corrosive neutral formula. Our products are known for its durability and commonly used for variety of sealing applications in different industries. 100% pure silicone seals are said to be unreactive in vast temperature ranges. Meaning, it has the capability to withstand thermal stress of approximately -60°C +230°C. It also offer high moving capability, up to 800% elongation, excellent resistance to humidity and wide range of chemicals; in high and low temperatures.

Other benefits of using %100 pure silicone include:

  • Higher longevity in hostile environments
  • Unreactive to ozone, UV and weathering
  • Wide operating temperature range for extremely cold and extremely hot applications (-60°C +230°C)
  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Tasteless, odourless and toxicologically inert, suitable for food-grade applications
  • Available in a wide range of hardness (from 25 to 80 Shore A), and colours

Jehbco manufactures 100% Pure Silicone Sealants that are known to be long-lasting, permanently waterproof and flexible. And this makes our silicone a pure solution for the most extreme conditions.

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