img1Jehbco roof seals are innovative, long-lasting, high-performance silicone extrusions designed to be installed with speed and ease making it as cost effective as possible.

Jehbco seals suit roof sealing applications in different facade projects such as aluminium, composite and precast concrete facades.

Using solid silicone extrusions reduces the quantity of wet seals required for roof sealing and maximises control over shape, size, colour and weight of the material to meet your Design Specifications and Budget Requirements.

About Jehbco Silicone Extrusions:

Jehbco’sSilicone Extrusions roof seals prevent air, water and other environmental img2elements from entering or exiting buildings.  They are specifically designed to provide long-lasting water-proof protection as well as intense heat resistance.

Key benefits our users experience include:

  • Fast and easy installation compared to wet sealants.
  • Elimination of the time costly “Backing Rod Filling Technique” required with Liquid Sealants (as it’s replaced with solid silicone seal).
  • Extremely long service life due to excellent weathering and UV resistance.
  • Custom-made profile to match design specifications.
  • Controlled shape against gap variations to improve aesthetics.
  • Available in variety of colours.

How it Works and Why Silicone:


Jehbco’s Silicone Extrusions can fill any gaps up to 30mm using just one shape. Especially designed for extreme weathering conditions over long periods. Jehbco’s silicone extrusions are also:

  • O-Zone resistant.
  • UV resistant.
  • Last with a wide Temperature range (-50°Cup to 230°C).
  • A “Good Compression Set” (an “Elastomer” term referring to its ability to compress and spring-back to its original dimensions under varying mechanical loads).
  • Available in varying degrees of hardness (20 – 90 shore A).
  • Impervious to effects of water absorption.



img4We design Custom-Made solid Silicone Extrusionsto help increase the reliability of facade roof sealing (whilst minimizing the use of wet sealants required). Our approach to roof sealing provides our customers with very durable and high performance seals that deliver seamless architectural results.

Jehbco also designs and makes installation tools to match your manufacturing requirements.  This makes roof sealing easier, faster and more uniform – with less reliance on the Operator / Installers Experience. Silicone also has a superior weathering property which allows it to be used on exterior applications that have to withstand the harshest of atmospheric conditions and UV exposure for years.

With the support of scientific studies and our experience with silicone seals for the last 40 years; we can confidently guarantee product properties for 20 years against weathering and UV.

Silicone Extrusions can also be manufactured in almost any colour to suit given applications and building requirements.

40+ Years of Experience in Sealing Applications:

Jehbco Silicone Specialists are World Leaders in Silicone Extrusions & Gaskets.

Based in Sydney, Australia – Jehbco Develops and Manufactures Speciality products for a range of industries covering Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Defence, Mining and Renewal Energy.  Many of our clients and end-users of our products use Jehbco Technology as it’s the best to suit their applications.

We understand what our clients need, their challenges and depending on the nature of applications we often invest in Formulating Custom Products to give the required benefits and application cost to suit.To learn more about how Jehbco Silicone Specialists can help you please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Jehbco Manufacturing Pty Ltd:
24 William Street, Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia
PO Box 78, Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia
P: 02 9905 9611 / 02 8021 9076 / 02 8021 9102
F: 02 9938 4864