“QUICKJOINT by JEHBSIL” is a 100% cured solid silicone extrusion designed to replace ‘wet silicone’ that is tradtionally used to seal between composite façade panels. In addition to wet sealants being chemically hazardous, it is difficult to create a smooth and consistent finish.

Quickjoint offers many benefits over wet silicone from its temperature and weather resistance, ease of installation, and its ability to be customised to strict specifications. Jehbco is able to customise Quickjoint to any width, any depth, or any colour.

Quickjoint is able to expand and contract with a building better than its competitors, with greater longevity as well. Being manufactured from pure silicone it is already temperature and weather resistant, it can be installed in very hot temperatures by unskilled labourers, saving both money and time for contractors working on the project. These qualities make it the clear choice when sealing a building from outside elements.

The product is designed and manufactured specifically to each project to ensure covering the necessary joint movement range at minimum stress on the adjacent panels and adhesion, and alignment with customers’ manufacturing processes.

Eliminates the installation constraints of wet seals, such as high wastage, difficult and messy installation process and dependence on the weather conditions for successful gap sealing.

  • All types of building façades, restoration and weather-proofing of expansion joints
  • Curtain wall joints
  • Marble and Granite joints
  • Expansion and control joints
  • Precast panels
  • Concrete panels
  • Timber panels
  • Weather seal / weatherproofing of coated metal and Aluminium composite panels
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Expansion joints on pavers

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