Jehbco’s Silicone Extrusions are use as expansion joints seals to prevent air, water and other environmental elements from entering or exiting buildings. They are specifically designed to provide long-lasting water-proof protection as well as intense heat resistance.

Our users often experience fast & easy installation compared to wet sealants, being able to eliminate the “Backing Rod an Filling With Sealant Technique” required with expansion joints seals, benefit from long-service life with excellence weathering & UV resistance and can get custom profiles (of various colours) for different applications.

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KeyRail® EXT#2355

Low Movement Visible

Jehbsil® EXT#2379

Low Movement Visible

Jehbsil® EXT#2288

Ultra-high Movement Invisible

Jehbsil® EXT#1017

High Movement Invisible

Jehbsil® EXT#0963

High Movement Visible

Jehbsil® Silicone Strips

silicone_strips Low Movement Visible