When it comes to Glass & Glazing – Jehbco’s Silicones have a low-friction contact surface (making installation easier and quicker), there are a wide range of materials available and it can be custom-made to suit particular needs.

Common uses are Pocket Glazing, Rebate & Snap-on Beads, Front Glazed Plant-on External Caps and Wrap-around Channel Gaskets.

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Jehbsil® EXT#1987

Jehbsil 1987Glazing Wedge

Jehbsil® EXT#1907

Jehbsil EX 1907Door/Blind Stop
Sound & Vibration Dampening

Jehbsil® EXT#1026

Jehbsil EXT 1026Glazing Channel
Wrap-around Channel

Jehbsil® EXT#0535

0535_03Wrap-around Glazing Channel

Jehbsil® EXT#0459

0459_03Wrap-around Glazing Channel
Wipe Sealing

Jehbsil® EXT#1286

1286_033Acoustic Door Stop