Aviation sealing applications requires platinum quality materials built to withstand extreme conditions with perfect reliability. Jehbco produces 100% Silicone Seals for the Aviation & Aircraft Industries.

This includes key applications such as fibre-glass moulding seals & fuel tank seals. Jehbco technology allows high tensile and tear strengths to provide a long service life, a high temperature resistance (250C +), extreme chemical resistance as well as being able to produce custom designed seals.

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Jehbco E-Shape

Jehbsil EX 1907Door & Hatch Seals
UV & Weathering Resistant

Jehbco U-Seals

Jehbsil EXT 1026Glazing Channel
Wrap-around Channel

Jehbco D-Shape

Jehbsil EX 1907Door & Hatch Seals

Jehbsil Punched Gaskets

Plate Sealing
High-Temperature Resistance (+230C)
High Chemical Resistance