AS4020 Standard for Drinking Water

food, dairy and beverage
Strict compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations is necessary for any water fitting installation that will be carrying or receiving water supply from the public mains in Australia. Thereby, water fitting should not in any way contaminate the water supply or may cause misuse, waste or undue consumption and must be ‘of an appropriate standard and quality.

AS4020 is accepted in Australia and granted directly by representatives of the water suppliers therefore the easiest way for compliance. Whole products such as boilers, valves and showers
undergo mechanical and testing for water quality.

Between the property boundary and the point of discharge are covered in the Regulations.

The following are five tests contained within AS4020 to show that a non-metallic material does not:

food, dairy and beverage2

  • Impart odour or flavour to the water – to determine when the material is exposed to drinking water if a product imparts an odor or flavor, judged by a three-person panel against a control of tap water.
  • Cause change in the appearance of the water – determines if the product causes the color change of the water or turbidity increase. Color spectrum is used to measure the color where it should not cause an increase of more than five color units in color. While turbidimeter measures turbidity.
  • Promote microbiological growth (MDOD test) – significant growth of aerobic microorganisms will be determined that the product will possibly promote. The loss in comparison to the control system where as the growth increases, the oxygen is removed from the test system. MDOD is the determining factor as the mean value from the samples taken at weeks five, six and seven.
  • Leach substances harmful to human health into the water (cytotoxicity) – to determine toxicity of a product to humans within a seven-day test and. Two additional samples are tested whenever it detects cytotoxic response. The material complies whenever the additional samples show no cytotoxic response. To follow, the material fails once the additional samples show cytotoxic response.
  • Leach toxic metals into the water – determines if product water are leached with metals. Any metal being detected must not exceed the maximum admissible concentration or (MAC).

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