How Flame Retardants Additives Work


During the process of combustion on a particular phase of the fire cycle, flame retardants suppression happen. This can be either during ignition, heating, decomposition or flame spread.

Most effective chemical action of flame retardants occur in two phases, first is the reaction in the gas where the interruption of flame retardant occur on the radical gas phase combustion process that results in a cooling of the system, a suppression and reduction of the supply of flammable gases. Secondary is the reaction in the condensed phase, where flame retardant builds up a layer, smothering the material and inhibiting the supply of oxygen, serves as blockage against the heat source or already ignited flame from another source.

Less effective physical action of flame retardants take place in different forms and first is cooling, where the additive or chemically–induced release of water, cools the underlying substance to below temperature disrupting the burning process. Next is coating, where in the substance is protected either with a gas or solid layer that shields against the heat and oxygen required for combustion to occur. Then dilution, where chemically inactive substances and additives turn into non-combustible gases diluting the fuel in the solid and gaseous phases of the burning process.

transportation2Inorganic flame retardants are being used for fire safety purposes and specific application forms of these products can enable such high concentrations to be added without change on their performance properties. Intumescent flame retardant materials are used where fire resistance is needed such as coatings. Flame retardant additives are commonly saleable flame retardant compounds and can be used in silicone rubber production without much modification on material mechanical properties.

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