The Importance of Flame Retardancy


Great service includes safety precautions. In Forty years of excellence in manufacturing, Jehbco has something that not everyone can offer. It is something that will allow us to be aware that not even the biggest buildings or establishments are safe from destruction. Fire accidents happen, but the real question is; are you prepared for it?

A flame retardant is a substance that delays combustion. As a result, it reduces ignition and flammability. Generally, flame retardants reduce the flammability of materials by either initiating chemical reactions or by physically blocking the fire.

Jehbco offers a very reliable elastomer in form of silicone rubber. Silicone rubbers contain rubber, polymer, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen that are widely used in different industries such as rail, automotive and construction, lighting and even food and medical devices. The strength of a silicone rubber is incomparable as it contradicts the spreading of fire which allows more time for an object to resist fire without losing its shape.

Jehbco’s 40 years of experience in manufacturing products for these applications means that we have a great deal of experience with flame retardant silicone rubber compounds.

Silicone naturally is self-extinguishing, but in certain specialist applications such as rail and passenger-carrying train wagons and other mass transit, higher standards of self-extinguishing and low smoke emission are required from Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber.

Jehbco manufactures variety of flame-retardant silicone extrusions that meet BS6853.B2, and the halogen, toxicity and smoke emissions standards of the vast majority of train mass transit operators across the world. These compounds are available in a range of different profiles, and can be color matched to your exact specification if required. This type of flame retardant silicone seals are often used as door and window seals.

Serious fire accidents can cause massive damage and even worse, life loss. Because of the importance of prevention, flame retardation has become very notable. If you are looking for the type of fire-safe sealants, it is best to use something that will always work. Jehbco manufacture these products as extruded seals, and cut to size and join them if required. From drawing to sample generally only takes 2-3 of weeks.

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