Jehbco and Societal Importance of BS6853.B2


Jebhco’s technology is known for one of the highest and most innovative seal and gasket manufacturers in Australia. We do not only manufacture, supply and sell our products; we are also concerned in promoting safety awareness and practices.

Jehbco is promoting non-corrosive products which have fire-retardant properties that delays combustion and flammability. Our products are generally known for their non-toxic bromine-free components to meet BS6853.B2 criteria that enable use in application with strict compliances requirements.

BS6853.B2 is described as the British Standard code of practice for fire precautions in the planning, designing and construction of passenger carrying trains. BS6853.B2 rotates in the whole concept of the fume toxicity of the fire-safe sealing system.

Jehbco products are so flexible that it offers strong resistance against noise and vibration as well. Another of our objective is to make sure that our products are widely used as a barrier against fire which is required to perform special functions where there are possible thermal outbreaks.

Jehbco complies and respects fire safety. We made sure that we comply with the BS6853 Annex B ensuring a safe design for our valued customers.

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