What are Silicone Extrusions and Gaskets used for?

“Silicone Elastomers” and “100% Silicone” are often a common superior choice in applications which are exposed to extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals or generally hostile environments (including UV and high weathering).

Silicone is also often used in applications where ultra-purity is required and materials must have necessary requirements / approvals to be used.

Why is it important to use silicone extrusions and gaskets?

Silicone has a much higher longevity than other materials giving long-term cost reductions and better ROI. Materials often also meet necessary Government & Regulatory Compliances as well.

Where can I find further technical details, specific to an application?

Visit the application page and you’ll find lots of information on uses of silicone in different industries and how it might help a given project. Join the Jehbco newsletter list as well for necessary updates & insights.

Make Contact with us as well to discuss your given requirements.

Do you keep stock on the shelf?


Jehbco works with clients who want the perfect fit for their requirements which almost always requires us to build a solution from scratch. As we produce custom orders, we don’t have stock on the shelf.

What is your lead time?

Lead time is 2 weeks for extrusion products (continues lengths), 3 weeks for butt joint gaskets and 4 weeks for corner joint gaskets (4 or more joints per gasket).

If a new die or joining jig need to be made, an extra 4 to 6 weeks is added depending on complexity of the part.

Do you have a distributor?


HCD technology service clients in New Zealand with different silicone products. Click here to visit HCD website

Mediquip also stock our standard size platinum tubings. Click here to visit Mediquip website

Do you provide samples?


Making samples enables us to make sure that our solution is the perfect fit for an application and it’s a great way for our customers to have the peace of mind knowing exactly what they’ll receive after taking ownership of our products.

However, Jehbco needs to make a sizeable investment to manufacture product samples even for small runs, and for that reason we need to know two things prior to making samples. One that our solution would bring significant value to the customer and two; it commercially viable for Jehbco as well.

This will ensure a sustainable and profitable relationship where everyone wins.

What is silicone shelf life?

Product data sheets normally suggest that silicone shelf life is 20 years – but if kept in room temperature and not exposed to weathering or corrosion it can last decades beyond this.

Do you provide warranty on your product?

Yes. Jehbco have supplied silicone solutions for more than four decades now and we have confidently provided warranties of up to 20 years for our products.