“Silicone Elastomer” is an outstanding material for Seals in Food Processing. From a Chemistry & Material Engineering perspective, 100% Pure Silicone is known for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, acidic / alkali environments in food application and comes with a long service life.

Jehbco has been a Technical Leader in this field for decades, producing high quality materials for such applications. This page is intended to give some examples of how Silicone Gaskets & Seals can be used in such applications.

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Jehbsil® EXT#1606

Suitable for Vacuum Tumblers (i.e. Lutetia)

Jehbsil® EXT#0802

Suitable for Heat Sealing Gaskets

Jehbsil® EXT#1966

Suitable for Oven Seals

Jehbsil® EXT#1339

Suitable for Emulsifier Seals

Jehbsil® EXT#1374

Suitable for Cold Room Sliding Door Seals
Wipe Sealing

Jehbsil® EXT#1889

Suitable for Cold Room Sliding Door Seals
Food Grade