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General Purpose SiliconeJEHBSIL® GP Series

Jehbsil general purpose silicone is a high-quality solid silicone rubber suitable for construction, lighting and electronics gasketing, machinery, automotive and other industrial applications. It can be extruded into any shape, is available in many hardness grades (20-90 Shore A) and exhibits excellent elongation, tensile strength, tear strength and compression set.

As with all silicone elastomers, extrusions made with general purpose silicone can be used at extremely high and low temperatures, and are chemically resistant to a wide variety of substances. They also exhibit excellent weathering and UV resistance and are widely known for their outstanding durability.

Custom grades of silicone can also be engineered on request to match specific mechanical property requirements, typically by combining different peroxide grades (eg. 55 Shore A). All Jehbsil silicones can be made to match any colour on demand.

Technical Specifications

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General Purpose Silicone