To protect against things which we don’t like to happen, but can and do happen – Jehbco produces 100% Silicone products which are fire & flame retardant on Windows & Doors.

The seals are available in different silicone material with fire-retardancy properties, extremely high temperature resistant (up to +250 C), Compliant with BS6853 Annex B2, available in different shapes & sizes with custom made options available.

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Jehbsil® EXT#0534

Flame Retardant
Used for Slide-Slots

Jehbsil® EXT#2343

High Comresssion
Used for Slide-Slots

Jehbsil® EXT#1446

Wrap-around Channel
Gasket Used for Window Seals

Jehbsil® EXT#2382

High-Grip BS6853.B2

Jehbsil® EXT#0984

Easy Installation
Sealing of lighting units with raised lip around the edges

Jehbsil® EXT#0752

High Compression