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Silicone Gaskets & O’rings

Silicone Gaskets & O-rings

Jehbco has the capability to manufacture a large range of gaskets and o-rings to suit almost any application. With over 45 years of manufacturing experience Jehbco can fabricate:

  • o-rings
  • punched and cut gaskets
  • butt-joined gaskets
  • corner-joined gaskets

Jehbco is able to produce a wide range of o-rings from silicone cords and strips within any cross-sectional diameter between 1.0 mm and 40.0mm, and any internal diameter less than 50.0 mm. Using a unique vulcanisation technique, Jehbco is able to create a strong, long lasting join that is as smooth as the moulded alternative.

Custom punched and cut gaskets can be manufactured from our silicone sheet or strips to match your drawings and specifications.

Butt-joined gaskets can be fabricated from our large range of extrusions, or a custom extrusion. Once the correct extrusion is found for the gasket, and to suit the application they are then cut to size and vulcanised to form a loop. An advantage with butt-joined gasket over moulded gaskets is that the cross-sections are hollow which is necessary for seals that require high levels of compression. 

Corner-joined gaskets can be fabricated from our existing extrusions or through a custom extrusion. They are made by vulcanising 4 extrusions with 90 degree joins, creating a joined gasket that is rectangular or square. Corner-joined gaskets are ideal for applications where a butt-joined gasket may bot be suitable, such as a rectangular seal. 

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