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Silicone Sponge JEHBSIL® SP Series

Jehbsil silicone sponge is a unique, high-performance expanded silicone elastomer. Expanded closed-cell silicone is extremely compressible, while the closed-cell structure prevents any fluids from passing through the silicone bulk. This allows closed-cell silicone to form airtight seals with very low sealing loads. Standard sponge grades are extremely soft, and are particularly suitable for lighting gaskets and construction applications.

Expanded silicone is produced by incorporating air into the bulk of the elastomer during the manufacturing process. The air forms minuscule, well-dispersed bubbles throughout the silicone. The incorporation of air increases elastomer compressibility and softness, while also lowering its density. In closed-cell silicone, all air inclusions are completely enclosed by rubber, allowing it to form watertight seals. Standard silicone sponge is created using peroxide curing rubber.

Key sponge grade features include:
• Extremely low hardness
• Low density
• Uniform, closed-cell structure
• Excellent chemical and UV stability
• Excellent thermal stability (-40 to 200°C)
• Good thermal insulation
• Airtight seals with low sealing loads
• Custom colour pigmentable (excluding black)

Technical Specifications

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