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Hank Tuynman

Hank Tuynman

Over 40 years ago Hank Tuynam learned Silicone Engineering from leaders in the industry as a proud employee. As his entrepreneurial spirit increased, Hank felt a drive to create his own business with several of his colleagues.

During a Dow Corning office move, it was Hank’s chance to start producing “Speciality Silicone Rubber”.

Working 16 hours per day, 7 days a week – Hank and his team went up against incredible odds of weak Australian dollars and heavy competition of larger competitors.

Hank gained original success and traction in the Small to Mid-Tier Business Marketing and over time grew Jehbco into a Global Technical Leader in Silicone Elastomers.

In his “Golden Years” today (however young at heart), Hank today works hard in the business supporting everyone to continue the Jehbco legacy of leading the world in 100% Pure Silicone Extrusions & Gaskets.

Karl Tuynman

Karl Tuynman

Karl Tuynman is a leading Silicone Engineer and the Operations Manager of Jehbco Silicone Specialists.

As a leading Elastomer Engineer, Karl works with high end manufacturing clients providing:

  • Custom Made Silicone Extrusions & Gaskets.
  • 100% Pure Silicone materials for extreme conditions.
  • Manufacturing & Process Consulting.

With an original background in Hospitality Management – after spending many years managing Bars, Restaurants and then front office – his father (and founder of Jehbco) Hank Tuynman once invited Karl to come and visit the factory for a day.

After an immediate love for Silicone Engineering emerged, Karl went straight into the family business and some years later has worked with leading Australian & Global Manufacturers in providing Silicone Gaskets & Extrusions.

Today, Karl manages the team, works directly with high end clients and paves the way with research driven innovation to create custom silicone solutions.

To learn more, visit the Jehbco Website www.jehbco.com.au and contact Karl directly.