Aviation, Trains & Buses requires its materials to be built to perform in extreme conditions and usage. It is obvious in that everything must be perfect and for public transport – there is an extreme level of continuous usage requiring platinum grade 100% Silicone based materials.
Jehbco is a leader in the transport space in producing Silicone for a wide range of applications from resisting dirt & water to that of extreme temperatures.

To learn more, review the different applications below and contact Jehbco.

Electrical Enclosure Seals

Jehbco Silicone seals provide protection against dust, water or humidity for equipment in cabinets and electrical enclosures.

Fire Rated Window & Door Seals

To protect against things which we don’t like to happen, but can and do happen – Jehbco produces 100% Silicone products which are fire & flame retardant on Windows & Doors.

Aviation & Aircraft Seals

Aviation sealing applications requires platinum quality materials built to withstand extreme conditions with perfect reliability. Jehbco produces 100% Silicone Seals for the Aviation & Aircraft Industries.

Custom Made Seals

New craft, new construction & maintenance processes may call on the requirement for Silicone Seals that are not “Off the Shelf”. Jehbco commonly produces 100% Silicone seals for these situations based on the precise needs of the application.