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Custom Solutions

One of the main benefits of working with Jehbco is that we can help our customers produce custom products tailored to their exact needs. Whether the custom product is a certified flame-retardant seal for the rail industry, or pharmaceutical grade tubing for the healthcare industry, Jehbco is able to help create a product that will perfectly suit your needs.

We are happy to share a simplified version of our standard design process:

  1. A customer will approach us with a drawing of a custom design and their necessary specifications. This design could be for anything a simple straight extrusion, to a complex joined seal.
  2. A member of the Jehbco Sales team will contact the customer and discuss the design in detail, to determine viability and to aid in the material selection process. If necessary, the Jehbco Sales team may recommend some design modifications to improvise viability and price.
  3. The Jehbco Sales team will send a quote for the custom design which will include any additional tooling and labour costs.
  4. If the quote is accepted by the customer and an order is placed, Jehbco will manufacture a prototype for testing and approval. If there are design flaws, the design can be modified in an iterative process.
  5. Once the design has been approved by the customer, Jehbco will proceed with the full production quantity. 


Examples of custom products produced by Jehbco include:

  • Solid silicone extrusion gap sealing for architectural facades designed to replace traditional wet silicone that is used to keep dust and water out to protect the structure
  • High grade, strong and reliable water transfer tubing designed with exact specification to replace the weaker and less reliable lower grade silicone tube that traditionally burst at times when under pressure causing major water damage
  • Flame and fuel resistant silicone seals for sea- worthy vessels
  • Conductive silicone applications used to transmit data* High temperature stable silicone gaskets used in autoclaves to combat traditional issues with the gaskets catching fire and causing damage to the oven and products within

 Please feel free to request a free quotation by contacting our sales team.