Corrosion is the process in which a material, normally a metal deteriorates as a result of chemical reactions. The corrosion of metallic compounds is accelerated by moisture and salt; therefore, marine-related industries are especially susceptible to the effects of corrosion. One US-based study revealed that the negative effects of corrosion cost the United States Navy an estimated $8.63 billion USD in maintenance expenditure [1] during the 2016 fiscal year alone. As a result of this, many marine-based businesses have been investing in methods to reduce the effects of corrosion on their equipment.



Rust – The result of corroding iron alloys

Rust – The result of corroding iron alloys



Silicone is a material that has gained a lot of traction in the corrosion-prevention industry, due to its superior resistance to saltwater and UV radiation, low compression set, and wide operating temperature range. Many companies have incorporated silicone seals and O-Rings into their designs to protect metallic components and sensitive electronics from the environment. With this in mind, there are many engineering standards in place to ensure that a silicone seal can withstand given environmental conditions. Examples of these standards include the Ingress protection (IP) rating system, and the MIL-STD-810G Environmental Engineering Considerations standard. Silicone seals have been used to produce products with an IP rating of IP-68 and above, and thus the seal has complete protection against dust, and continuous submersion in water. This means that components protected by an IP-68 rated seal would be heavily protected from the effects of corrosion. Similarly, silicone seals have been used to pass testing under the rigorous MIL-STD-810G standards of testing in categories such as Humidity, Solar Radiation, Salt Fog, and Extreme Temperatures.

At Jehbco Manufacturing, we produce custom engineered silicone extrusions, which are used in all forms of sealing and corrosion-prevention applications. Our staff can provide expert consultation on what solution can be applied to achieve a certain standard, whether it be an IP rating, Military standard, or otherwise. For help selecting a material for your application, consult our applications page and contact us with any questions.



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