This post details information about solid silicone rubber shelf life in comparison with other types of polymers.

Solid Silicone Rubber

Solid silicone rubber has a shelf life of 20 years and beyond when in proper storage depending on the grade. Products which have been in shelf longer than 20 years may still be very usable just like Jehbco’s 100% silicones.

Below is the summary of the age resistance data from both Military Standards and International Standards for rubber compounds most commonly used in International Controls rubber products. These numbers represent average shelf life under normal dry/cool storage conditions.



Below chart was issued by the Society of Aerospace Engineers as the Industry Standard for the aerospace elastomeric seals’ shelf life.



Solid Silicone Rubber

Rubbers that are made from 100% silicones like that of Jehbco shows excellent properties mechanically speaking over a very wide range in temperature and exhibits satisfactory performance to withstand oil. Solid silicone extrusions also have an outstanding low compression set.

Moreover, compared to other elastomers, silicone rubber is exceptionally pure and is therefore also suitable for use in the food, medical sectors and many industries. Pure solid silicone rubbers have quality, long-lasting range and durability.

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