Silicone’s excellent properties and versatile nature make it a valuable material in aviation.  Silicone is able to operate under a wide range of conditions and Jehbco produces customised mixes of 100% silicone materials to meet varied specialised design requirements.

Jehbco’s silicone design and manufacturing capabilities provide light weight, easy to use silicone extrusion products which are an ideal choice for aircraft interior applications such as cabin floor and ceiling panels, baggage compartments and galleys. Silicone materials can conform to national and international standards for aircraft fire safety due to silicone’s fire retardant nature.

Jehbco’s silicone extrusions are able to provide a strong seal over a large pressure differential, making then a good choice for aircraft door and window seals.  In addition, silicone has an extremely wide range of operating temperatures, from -50 ℃ to 230 ℃, and is UV and ozone resistant, making it suitable for sealing applications on external surfaces and for gaskets in engine and power plant systems. Silicone’s high dielectric strength (typically ⩾ 200 MV/m) makes it suitable for flexible electrical insulation. Additionally, Jehbco’s extrusions can be made to meet higher or lower temperature resistance and conductivity requirements that exceed the industry standards for general silicone extrusions.


Silicone Extrusions for Aviation and Aircraft Applications with Jehbco Silicones

Silicone Extrusions for Aviation and Aircraft Applications with Jehbco Silicones


For applications in confined spaces requiring minimal outgassing, Jehbco is able to produce Controlled Volatility (CV) silicone extrusions. These products are engineered to meet industry standards for low VOC.

The strength of adhesion between silicone and fibreglass resins such as polyester and epoxy is low making Jehbco extrusions an ideal product for fiberglass moulding.

Fluorosilicones for Fuel Applications

Traditional silicone materials exhibit low resistance to hydrocarbon fuels.  However, with the addition of fluoro groups, our silicone’s excellent mechanical properties are combined with high hydrocarbon resistance.  Jehbco’s fluoro silicones have the same high range of operating temperatures, insulation and fire retardant properties as regular silicone.  In addition, fluoro silicones are resistant to damage from common aviation fuels.  This combination of properties has made fluoro silicone a very popular material choice for gasket and O-rings applications in aircraft fuel systems and systems using fire-resistant hydrocarbon hydraulic fluids.

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