Waterproofing is fundamental in construction.  Buildings are designed to give shelter – this means keeping wind and water out.  The most difficult and important job of cladding and roofing is to prevent water entering the building.  Jehbco produce sealing products that make waterproofing of claddings simple.

One of the difficulties in cladding large buildings is thermal expansion.  Temperature variations cause cladding panels to expand and contract.  If the panels are too large or their movement is restricted, this will cause the panels to warp and buckle.  This issue is generally solved by using small gaps which give the structure the freedom to expand and contract.  These gaps between panels are termed expansion joints.  To ensure the cladding system is waterproof, these expansions joints must be filled with a seal that is able to absorb the expansion and contraction of the joint whilst preventing water from entering.


Cured Silicone Extrusion for Expansion Joint Sealing

Cured Silicone Extrusion for Expansion Joint Sealing


In Australia, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) requires building cladding systems to adhere to AS4284: Testing of building façades.  This ensures that buildings in Australia meet minimum requirements for strength and waterproofing.

Leaks in building façades are a serious issue.  If water enters the building’s outer layer, it can cause damage to insulation, electrical and ventilation systems, wall linings and belongings.  This damage can cost millions of dollars and be very difficult to repair.

Compliance with AS4284 ensures building façades will not leak and expensive damage and repair is avoided.  Expansion joints are one of the most difficult areas to seal and make AS4284 compliant.  At an expansion joint, there is a natural gap for water to enter.  The gap expands and contracts, meaning any seal has to be flexible enough to seal a range of gap widths.

Jehbco silicone extrusion profiles, designed for façade waterproofing, have passed AS4284 certification for use in building façades.  These profiles are pre-cured silicone products, able to expand and contract to seal expansion joints through a range of gap widths.  They are easy-to-install, aesthetically pleasing expansion joint seals which eliminate the hassle and mess of wet seals whilst ensuring AS4284 compliant waterproofing to protect your building.

Jehbco can tailor a facade sealing solution to your construction application. For any help with your application please review the Jehbco website www.Jehbco.com.au, and contact us with any questions.