Jehbco Silicones provides silicone solutions to a wide variety of industries, ranging from construction, to food and beverages. For many projects, our customers are happy with a standard colour such as white, but we understand that some projects have strict aesthetic requirements, and as such require a little more attention.


Description: A small sample of the colours we can produce at Jehbco Manufacturing

Description: A small sample of the colours we can produce at Jehbco Manufacturing


For example, blue is the standard colour for seals in the food and beverage industry, as the high contrast of colours can alert production staff if the seal is damaged and contaminates the food product. Our silicone seals are perfect for this application as not only are we able to make practically any of our existing or new profiles in blue, but they are also 100% food-grade.

Another example of where we would use our custom colour matching services would be for the architectural industry. We know that any design-focused industry such as architecture places a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of the final project. As such, we always work with our customers to develop the perfect custom solution in terms of design and appearance. Whether it be matching the colour of our silicone expansion joints to your panelling, or implementing the perfect colour combination using our window glazing seals, Jehbco will be able to deliver.

Beyond the more obvious examples above, some of our customers purchase a wide range of products from us and colour code each individual item to help differentiate similar products, or to prevent confusion when receipting in goods. One customer of ours purchases a range of different sized silicone tubes, and requests that every different sized tube is a different colour. In the past, our customer told us that the wrong sized tubing would often be installed by their production team due to the different sizes being so hard to tell apart. After switching over to our custom-coloured tubing, the number of defects due to incorrect tubing sizes almost dropped down to zero!

It is clear to see the benefits of using Jehbco’s custom colour matching services, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. At Jehbco, we only produce 100% pure silicone products for your guaranteed peace of mind. If you have an idea that might require a custom colour, or want to manufacture a custom solution that you can be confident with, feel free to consult our applications page and contact us with any questions.