Jehbco Silicones is able to produce a large variety of O’Rings, from Silicone Cords or Silicone Strips. With Cross Sections from 1.0mm up to 40.0mm, and Diameters as large as needed. And Hardness’s from 20 shore A up to 80 shore A. They are fabricated with a unique Vulcanizing technique which makes the joints as smooth as molded parts.


Gaskets can be punched from Silicone Sheeting or Strips, according to the customer’s sizes and specifications.

Joined Gaskets:

Gaskets can be made from our large range of extrusions. They are cut to size and joined using our highly developed vulcanisation process. O/Rings can also be manufactured in a similar manner, with variations including hollow joined cross sections which can be fused together in a way that the join has the same compressibility as the length of the Gasket.

90° Joined Gaskets:

Corner vulcanisation of our extrusions in a 90° angle is our specialty, making the corners have the same exact compression as the gasket length. Specific for critical sealing in which the tolerance is close to nil. Our corner joints are as smooth as moulded gaskets.

Jehbco has been supplying the lighting industry for over 30 years. Our gaskets can be found in almost all NSW traffic lights, most outdoor lighting throughout Australia and even in the Sydney Cricket Ground lights (just to name a few).

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