Jehbco pure silicones are rubber-like and typically heat-resistant; used variety of application such as medical, food, pharmaceutical for waterproofing or insulation for thermal and electrical.

A chemist looking at a test tube

The silicone structure silicones, as otherwise known to chemists has a structure resembling quartz modified with organic groups. They are consisting of an “inorganic” backbone built up of alternating oxygen and silicon atoms. The other two bonds of the silicon atoms are responsible for silicones’ semiorganic nature and are occupied with organic groups. Jehbco pure silicone strong composition is proven due to its silicon-oxygen bond energy that is significantly greater than that of a carbon-carbon bond. That is making the silicones stable and able to resist various influences.

Jehbco pure silicones have remarkable thermal resistance and are able to excellently resist fire and rusting caused by heat. In comparison to organic plastics, Jehbco pure silicones are also far less readily attacked by electromagnetic and particle radiation (UV, alpha, beta and gamma rays). The fact about Jehbco pure silicone’s low reactivity has been continuously proven when at room temperature, in all modifications does not react with most other substances and is almost inert.

Silica is chemically very stable even at moderately high temperatures. Because of that fused quartz (silica glass) is widely used for chemical apparatus, as well as to avoid catalytic reactions of the metal cations in ordinary glass. Not only is the very strong silicon-oxygen bond of silica, the reason for its low reactivity but also its macromolecular structure. Quartz generally will not be attacked by acids, because of its being the anhydrite of an acid itself.

Jehbco pure silicones are resistant to mineral oil, acetone, and fairly dilute solutions of inorganic acids and bases as shown by their chemical resistances. They are attacked by concentrated solutions of strong acids and bases, and by gasoline. Before these reactions will precede high concentrations of hydronium or hydroxide ions, for instance concentrated solutions of strong acids and bases are needed. These explain the stability of Jehbco pure silicones to dilute solutions of inorganic acids and bases. Whereas, the organic elastomers studied show moderate to very good resistance to acids and alkalies.

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